There are two tailings deposits located outside the historical Salau mine which were left by the former owners and are prospective for tungsten and gold. One is located adjacent to the mine portal and one is located slightly further north.

A total of 34 tailings samples were collected from the historical tailings disposal area adjacent to the mine portal (1230m level) during a field campaign.

These tailings samples returned gold assays up to 8.94 g/t, confirming the presence of high grade gold associated with the tungsten ore mined during the latter years of production at the historical Salau mine.

A number of tailing samples returned tungsten assay results >1% WO3, with the average value of the tailings samples being 0.49% WO3 (assays ranged from 0.13 – 4.04% WO3, with one outlier excluded).

The Company is conducting a legal review of the tailings ownership and is planning geotechnical stability tests and additional sampling programs at the tailings disposal areas.

Whilst very early stage in nature, the Company plans to study the potential to reprocess the tailings to extract the tungsten and gold whilst at the same time restoring the natural landscape and habitat and improving soil conditions left over from the historical tungsten operations.